If you look closely

 you can find marvelous

That yearn to be seen

that is a haiku



haikus are poems

with seventeen syllables

they come from japan


the syllables are

divided into three lines

five seven and five


they tell stories orf

nature and beauty and truth

simple and profound


even though haiku

may take decades to master

kids write the best ones

Jeremy speech

How dare you! 


This is what 16 year old Greta Thunberg said to all the adults at the UN climate action summit in 2019.



Because the adults of the world are not doing anything to stop climate change – in fact, she thinks they’re making it worse. 


Want to know who can save the planet…YOU CAN!!


I am Jeremy and I am going to teach you how kids like you and me can help stop climate change…

So let’s get started!


Change your diet

You think farts are funny, turns out they are not. Cow farts are toxic. In fact, raising cows, pigs and chickens emit as much greenhouse gases (the stuff that causes climate change -no don’t start thinking of gardens in glass) as all vehicles combined. Making room for these animals has led to clear cutting millions of square kilometers of forests.


What can you do about this? Change your diet, eat less meat! Eat plant based food a couple times a week and you are helping save the planet and your health. 


Conserve energy

Did you know that bikes don’t have tailpipes belching climate changing fumes! So get on a bike, ditch the car. And tell your parents and friends to do the same.


How many times have your parents asked you to “pick up your clothes” or “wash the dishes”? Maybe it is time for you to start challenging them on their choices… “Mum, turn off the engine while waiting for me at school” or “Dad, do you really need that plastic shopping bag?” Here are more ways that you can convince those around you to save energy. Ask them to close doors, turn off lights, turn off their electronics, and take short showers. 


Lead by example and encourage others to follow along. 


Take action

Do you know how a 15 year old kid got the attention of the UN. She took action.


Greta Thunberg sat outside parliament in Sweden to raise awareness of climate change. Her actions led to more school strikes for climate change around the world.


If striking isn’t for you there is still lots you can do. Take to social media (if your parents let you) with posters, videos, or articles. Study science and consider a green career like a biologist or climate engineer. 


Your actions matter – they can be big or small. What matters is that you should JUST DO SOMETHING!!!



The world can be changed if every kid does their small part to help! I have shared with you ways that climate change can be stopped by making a few changes in your everyday life such as eating less meat, conserving energy and taking action. what does it all sum up to? KIDS HELPING THE PLANET!

You can do it!

thanks for listening!

scepter quartz and amethyst

Scepter Quartz is a naturally occurring crystal formation where the base of a crystal forms around a central crystal rod. Legend has it that Scepter Quartz Crystals were used as a symbol of spiritual authority and power of the realm in ancient Atlantis and Lemuria. Scepter Quartz Crystals have reemerged to bring crystal power to the present day. Scepter Quartz Crystals are excellent tools for the transmission of directional energy. Scepter Quartz combines the elemental energies of Storm with the directional power of Fire fostering creativity and encouraging action. Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz and owes its violet colour to irradiation, impurities of iron and in some cases other transition metals, and the presence of other trace elements, which result in complex crystal lattice substitutions.


A geologist is a person that studies rocks.


The experiment that I did was that I excavated chocolate chips from a cookie.

My prediction was that I would find 7 chips on the top of my cookie and 4 on the bottom.

I found 17 chips on the top and 14 on the bottom.

Book review of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Book review of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.

In the beginning of Chapter 1 starts with Peter winning a turtle at Jimmie Farco’s birthday party. Peter names the turtle Dribble. He surprises his mom with the turtle. She does not like turtles because of their smell. Peter is nine and in fourth grade. He lives in New York City. We learn Peter has a problem with his younger brother Fudge.

In Chapter 2  Peter finds out that the president of the Juicy-O company are coming to New York. Peter’s dad invited them to stay in their apartment. Peter discovers that Fudge is going to have his sleep in his room. Peter’s mom is missing flowers they don’t know where the flowers are. They found out that Fudge ate the flowers. Peter also tastes a rose petal. He tried to chew it up but he could not, it tasted awful. He spit it out into the trash can. Mr and Mrs Yarby arrived and then fudge and Peter each get a present. Fudge ruins the dinner party by scaring mrs yarby twice.  Mr and Mrs Yarby leave and Peters dad’s loses the Juicy-O account with Mr and Mrs Yarby.

Then in Chapter 3 Fudge stops eating. To make Fudge eat, Peter’s mom made Peter stand on his head so Fudge would laugh and his mom stuffed potato in his mouth. Then Peter says he won’t stand on his head anymore. Fudge acts like a dog and so his mom feeds him under the table. Fudge keeps refusing to eat, when he doesn’t eat his cereal his Dad says “eat it or wear it”. Peter’s dad takes Fudge to the washroom and dumps it on his head. After that Fudge started to eat, and his favourite expression was eat it or wear it.

And in Chapter 4 they go to the park and find Sheila on their favorite rock. Sheila is left watching1 Fudge while Peter’s mom goes home. Fudge pretends he is a bird and jumps off the jungle gym and then he gets hurt. Peter’s mom blames Peter and gets mad at him. Then Peter goes to his room mad and plays with his turtle. In the morning Peter’s mom apologizes.


I would give it 5 stars because it is crazy. Funny and weird things happen all the time. It sounds a bit like my life story with my sister. Maybe she is not as bad as Fudge.

I would recommend because it is a good book for people that like funny stories.


◊Fudge-a crazy annoying brother

◊Peter-a smart 9 year old kid

◊peters mom-a person that is always 

‍◊sheila-a dumb ape-like kid

my opinion of the story is that it is a good story because it has a lot of funny and weird things happening on every page.

I think this is book is best suited for 7-11 year olds because the story links to those age groups.

I think that Fudge will dump Peter food on Peter’s head.



Innovation day science project

my project is a drelavator.

(a drelavator is a drawbridge and a elevator put together.)

My hypothesis:

The elevator will go up.

I will use one pulley that connects to the lift. my pulley will be made from a pencil because a pencil is strong and sturdy.



my hypothesis was correct because I used one pulley and it worked. but I made some changes. my changes were that I made a drawbridge and an elevator.